SmartPix FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SmartPix?

Answer is a platform to provide professional photography services for athletes in different races and games. It is the first AI facial recognition system to be used in sports photography in Malaysia.

Q: How to search my photo?

  • 1st, visit

  • 2nd, upload your photo / scan your face (click the search icon)

  • 3rd, Download your photo at FOC.

Q: Why Can't I find my photo?


Our team will upload all photos within the race day ,that is possibility photo is uploading or else our photographer is missing to capture your photo.

Q: Why does the search result show other people?


Our AI system will algorithm base on your upload photo, and show the result of your photo or cough be your photo.

Q: Do I need to wear the same clothes/accessories when I scan my face as during the event?


We suggest you wearing your glasses/cap when you scan your face if you used these during the event for optimal results.

Q: How much does the photos cost?


Nothing. We are giving your the photos for FREE at this moment!

Q: Can I get the high resolution without the watermark photo?


No, at this moment, we are only proving FREE high resolution 30MP(4480 × 6720px) watermarked photos.

Q: As a photographer, can I upload my photo to this platform?


Yes,you can contact us

Q: As a photographer, how do I make a profit from this platform?


We will launch this possiblility for our partner photographers in the near future!

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